MidWinter Frolic will be held at the group site of Whitewater State Park

Think “summer camp”, only with more snow, silliness, and fursuit friendly. Feel free to look at our venue page to get a general idea of the park’s layout and amenities. Here we will discuss how registration works and what you are encouraged to pack.

There are two different types of registration.  Individual and Wing with roommates.  


For just $99, an individual registration is a guaranteed bunk plus meals and all other activities provided for the weekend.  You will be matched with 2 to 7 others in your wing.  Just like camp, you get a chance to meet new people and share a common room.  We do ask an optional question in registration if you wish to room with only the same identified gender. 


If you would like to control who your roommates are or even how many people are in your “wing,”  there is the wing option in registration. For $230 you could have the wing to yourself or if you want roommates, it may be cheaper overall.  When you register, you will be sent a confirmation email within 48 hours with a coupon code.  This coupon code can only be activated up to 7 times (to fill the other bunks in the wing).   Share this code or use it yourself to register your roommates.  When you enter this “wing code” at the beginning of registration, a special $70 price is given to cover the per person cost of food, rental and utilities for the weekend.   This could be the cheaper way to go if you have a full wing. 

Here is a quick  example, if you have just 5 people who want to go but all are in the same “wing” we suggest the wing option.  Not only do you “pick” your roommates, all 5 of you will spend $510 (230+70+70+70+70) vs. $495 as individuals ($99×5).  More people after that would be more savings for each, just have to decide who gets top bunks. 

As you can see, that code is very powerful.  Cancellations and refunds are extremely difficult, so be very careful how you give them out.  But if you have the funds, it does allow you and your mate to have a private wing all to yourselves for just $300 if you want a secluded getaway winter weekend. 

Check out the packing list for all recommended items to pack to have a fun Frolic.