MidWinter Frolic

Whitewater State Park, Altura, MN

We’re back!

Yes, COVID-19, with a bit of sub-zero weather, kept a few people home, but overall, MidWinterFrolic 2022 was a success. No one got sick and the weather still allowed for both indoor and outdoor activities!

We are now set up for MidWinterFrolic 2023, January 13-15th. We’ve taken all your suggestions and are working to improve the experience to make it more of the “escape” weekend you want. A unique “Fur” experience where you can hike, eat home-cooked meals, play games, take pictures, watch movies, wear your fursuit, enjoy a moment of natural zen tranquility, or just “find yourself” making some furry art.

One price covers all food and activities from 10am Friday, to 5pm Sunday. All you have to do is bring your own bedding, warm clothes, and whatever you want to share with friends and other fellow furs… It’s summer camp, but with a bit of snow!

See you at MidWinterFrolic 2023!

Want to Know More?

Never heard of MidwinterFrolic? This is an 18+ winter camping event at Whitewater State park.

To learn more about the park, check out our Venue page.

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