MidWinter Frolic

Whitewater State Park, Altura, MN

Thank you ALL for attending MWF 2024

We say “MidWinterFrolic” and we mean it.  Between 7 inches of snow, 25 mph winds and below zero temperatures, winter greeted us with a vengeance.

In total, 79 of our attendees arrived safe and we have been reminded once again why a flexible Friday schedule and making sure we listen to the “GO/NO GO” email and survival guide is key to having a fun and safe weekend.  It seems like everyone still had an adventurous and fun weekend.  The weather and the following “cozy up with fellow furs by the fire for movies, games and food” feel of the weekend shows once again what a unique event MidWinterFrolic is.  We love our furry conventions, but what other event do you get a chance to escape the world, free of cell signal and distractions of modern life, to just be yourself, whatever species or form that may be.  Warm, well fed, enjoying the company of new friends, and going on what can only be described as an adventure.

Sigh​​ As mentioned before, this is my last year leading this event.   ALL of you, from staff, to 5-year veterans, to new faces I just met this year, have made it a joy lead.  Now I get to have fun on the other side of the podium. Hopefully finally be able to hop in a game, watch a movie, sit by the fire, or just play in the snow with you.

I hope to see you all again in 2025!