COVID-19 Policy

Updated 1/3/22

Will MidWinter Frolic Be Requiring Vaccination To Attend?

YES. We have elected to require either the original vaccination card provided by the CDC, a report from a state-sponsored organization showing the date(s) of vaccination, OR a negative clinical test result for Covid-19 dated after January 20th to attend MidWinter Frolic 2022. This decision has not been made lightly and we hope all will respect this rule.

Violators will not be tolerated.

What is required:

One of the following is required:

  • An original vaccination card provided by the CDC.
  • A report from a state-sponsored organization.
  • A formal letter from a doctor that will show both doses of a 2-dose vaccine with the second dose being received on or before 01/07/2022 (2 weeks prior) or a 1-dose vaccine being received on or before the same date.
  • A valid COVID-19 test showing a negative result, the sample for which must have been taken after January 20th.


  • A photo ID that matches the name on the vaccination or negative test result.

Photos that clearly show the name and date of the shot(s) will also be accepted.

Will Mask Be Required To Be Worn At All Times?

No. Because we are a smaller event with far less attendance than a convention and much of it is a communal space, we understand that wearing and using a mask at all times can be extremely difficult. Simply put, the event is in a cabin environment where we sleep and eat together in some cozy spaces. This is one of the reasons the state park group center maintains a limit cap of 50 individuals during Covid. So, Midwinter Frolic’s policy is that you must own and have on their person a mask at all times. We encourage you to wear them whenever possible, definitely will defend an individual’s request for others to wear masks and/or maintain social distance whenever possible.

We understand this policy is not clear cut and dry but some of the limitations of the nature of the event, time of year, and space available make an absolute mandate very difficult to maintain so we are attempting the next best thing using the state parks example as the lead.

We believe that diligence and requiring vaccination/recent testing is a policy of prevention augmented with the best implementation available on site.

We also understand this mask request and the above policy of vaccination or recent negative test requirement may impact some, so if you have any questions please send an email to [email protected] or refer to the discussion on MidWinterFrolic forums at

DC Guidelines for mask wearing

Let’s all mask up to stop transmission!